Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The rise and fall of, by Even Aas-Eng

I guess most of you have heard about the sloggi campaign or visited the site. (probably a lot more than those who admit it)
This summer they launched a contest in order to find the world’s most beautiful bum! User where to take pictures of their own behind and post them on
Here the bums where categorized by gender and country and rated! And yes there are a lot of nice bums on

The concept seems to have taken completely off in eastern European countries and it has gotten a lot of press around the world. The Nordics was no exception where the site got a lot of negative press. And yesterday the (sad) news came; they are shutting down the competition and blocking all users from the Nordics. The campaign will continue in other markets.

So what do we have here, the most successful user generated content campaign the world has ever seen or a dodgy porn site? Its probably a mixture. Creating a UGC campaign is all about the users. If they don’t contribute you have failed. In this case they certainly did and in that matter the campaign is a smashing success. But nobody should be surprised that people submit pictures of their bums and that other people want to look at it. There are thousands of other online examples of that………..

But the question is if this is effective advertising for sloggi, personally I have no idea.

On a peculiar note I would like to raise a question to sloggi. Did you guys screen the photos? I am asking because I couldn’t find a bum on the site that didn’t look good!!

The screenshot below shows you the page views on (blue line), (norways largest site) and expedia in UK. As you can see, sloggi has surpassed expedias traffic…………

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