Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Brilliant Obama! By Even Aas-Eng

It’s been a while since my last post here. My excuse is summer and that I have been very busy fly-fishing for salmon and getting married!

Know that I am back I would like to tell you a bit more about a subject that I have touched on before, Barack Obama. As you know he is running for president in the US and he apparently has a good web team helping him out. But I did not know how good they actually where!

During a flight to Russia this summer I came across an article in the economist on Obamas very successful donation campaign. Apparently he is miles ahead of Clinton and the others. That doesn’t interest me much but the way he got the money did. Apparently he got a lot of money from thousands and thousands of very small donations. How? He has set up an affiliate program for donations. Absolutely brilliant! Anyone can create an Obama site of their own and have people donate money on it. The minimum amount you have to donate is close to nothing, making the barrier for donation very little. And it doesn’t matter that people donate small amounts as long as Obama has a big distribution platform. The result speaks for its self, Obama is King of online donations.

So what do we have here if it’s not “long tail politics” or the Google of politics? Penny by penny, vote by vote.
It was funny reading the other candidates response to Obamas success, they didn’t have a clue!
The same could be said for the political parties in my own country. I would love to help you out as long as you are not a member of Fremskrittspartiet!

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Anonymous said...

Even, my friend. What are you doing talking about American politics, I thought we agreed that's my area.