Monday, September 17, 2007

Have you seen the Iphone? By Even Aas-Eng

I am not a gadget freak and that is probably why I didn’t get to see the Iphone in action before I visited NYC a couple a weeks ago. On a rooftop terrace at a slick hotel a New Yorker was kind enough to give me a little tour. And I was impressed indeed. Lets look beyond the fact that the phone looks damn good and that it probably will become an even bigger fashion icon than its mp3 sister. Let’s also disregard all the small flaws and that it’s not customized to European conditions, they can and will fix that.

The real interesting thing about the Iphone is the internet. One of the most boring discussions we have in our industry is web for mobile. What will happen with WAP? Will we see the same growth in mobile advertising as we did with web advertising? You will never use your cell phone as you use your laptop. All these questions where buried when I saw the Iphone in action. Web and mobile will merge and this is the first real step. You can use the Iphone surfing the web, with its zoom in zoom out opportunities you can easily navigate any webpage. So do we need WAP pages and specialized mobile ad-networks, probably for a while but in the long run the web will prevail.

In October Google will integrate their mobile search ad-platform into adwords. They will use the same ads and run the same price model, as an advertiser you would have to opt in or out just as you do with adsense. It will be very interesting to follow the development of this revenue stream for Google (if they will share it!) with more and more Iphones or similar devices on the market I am sure that this will take off pretty quickly.

So the conclusion is: the Iphone is here, WAP is dead and long live the WEB!

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