Thursday, March 8, 2007

What is wrong with traditional media companies? By Even Aas-Eng

My plan is not to post personal outburst on this blog but this time I cant help myself.

On Tuesday there where champions league matches and I was watching Liverpool VS Barcelona. If you follow football you would know that a lot of action took place during the Valencia VS Inter match that was on at the same time. It wasn't football action but never the less interesting!

But I didn't see this as I was busy watching the other game. The next day I read about the fighting in the newspapers and I wanted to see the actual incident. Could I find it on any of the newspapers, NO because they don't own the rights to broadcast champions league football. That's annoying but understandable. So I went to you tube and searched for Valencia Inter but only got old matches between the two teams. Then the real quest started.

I watched the sports news at TV2 online but they didn't have any pictures because the show was sent before the game ended. I tried other newspapers in Sweden and UK, no live pictures there either. Then I went to TV3 web pages, the company that have the rights to send CL matches. What did I find there? Absolutely nothing! Well I did get a short look at what quit possible is the worst website ever made.

Then I did get to see the incident at the TV2 daily news show on TV, but they only showed a short clip. The quest continued!

I tried some more news sites before I ended up at you tube again and searched for Valencia, Inter, Fighting, 2007 and found A LOT of clips of the incident.

So my point here is that five of Norway's largest media companies had their chance to provide me with what I was Looking for. I was willing to spend 10 min on their sites being exposed for all their commercials and maybe I would have been willing to pay to see their content. None of them took the chance and I ended up at you tube. Get a grip guys, you are digging your own grave.

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